Legacy Community Church
COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines
I hope you are all doing well. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging season. Although it has been a time of unprecedented change, I pray that this has also been a time that has allowed for serious reflection on our walk with Christ, and an opportunity to see the Lord in new and exciting ways.
As you are all aware, last week Mayor Kim announced that churches can gather together again beginning June 1st, as long as we maintain social distancing and safety guidelines. I’ve have been working with the leaders as we prepare to re-open the church for public worship.
The re-opening of the church will continue to require us to remain flexible, and it will also require a greater commitment from each of us moving forward.
1. LCC will follow the guidelines set forth by Hawaii County and the State of Hawaii
Our local and state government is doing their best to protect public health. Public worship gatherings fall in line with local and state guidelines for public gatherings, so we will continue to adhere to these policies. Let us continue to be Jesus’ witnesses by honoring our leaders and loving those around us.
2. Sanitation and public health
COVID-19 impacts individuals differently (elderly and those whose health is compromised are especially at risk). Because we do not know who carries COVID-19 and how the virus will impact individuals, we will do our best to sanitize areas we use for worship and teaching when we re-open. To provide this, we need a volunteer team in place prior to our public gatherings focused on keeping our worship areas sanitized.
3. Flexibility and patience
Circumstances will call upon each of us to remain flexible as to when we will be meeting publicly and what our church life will look like. We must be patient with one another, because while some are ready to meet in person, not everyone will flock to public worship when the doors first open – and that is okay. In order to address this, we will continue to provide online content (audio or video recordings) for those who are not ready to worship publicly.
This crisis will lead us to find different avenues for outreach, growth, and church life. Although our methods may change, our message and mission stay the same. As we look to the future, flexibility will be essential for our church to move forward, thrive, and fulfill God’s mission.
4. Focused upon the vision
The church exists to embrace Christ and his legacy as demonstrated through obedience to his commands; empowers and equips His people to pass on His legacy by proclaiming the gospel and teaching them what it means to follow Jesus; and to engage the world through faithful service demonstrating the love of God. Re-opening must look beyond our church gatherings and must consider how we will be faithful to Jesus’ mandate today and in the future.  Let us see our current circumstance as opportunities to see where God is leading our church in new and fresh ways.
1.) Volunteers for Cleaning/Sanitation Team – who will be responsible for maintain sanitation/cleaning before, during, and after worship service(s).
2.) Cleaning/Sanitation team will wipe doors, light switches, tables, chairs, railings, and all high touch areas.
3.) Volunteers for Greeting Team – who help to monitor entry door and exit door, maintain social distancing, and help to prevent any bottlenecks.
4.) Greeting Team will help to prepare the spacing of chairs in the sanctuary in order to maintain proper social distancing and to help usher people to find appropriate seating.
5.) Require everyone to wear masks during worship (people without a mask cannot enter). Cloth masks will be available (courtesy of the sewing sisters) at the greeter’s table.
6.) Greeters will be out front to welcome people but will not pass out bulletins. Greeters will say, “hi” “good morning” “howzit” but will not hug, handshake and will maintain social distance.
7.) Volunteers to help with the Media Team – in order to provide online content for those choosing not to worship publicly.
8.) No coffee, water, refreshments, etc.
9.) Nursery, preschool and elementary school teachers need to be prepared to clean the children’s area before we resume children’s church.
For us to re-open, we need as many volunteers as possible to cover these areas (please email me if you are interested at miura.shane@gmail.com):

1. Sanitation Team. We cannot stress the importance of having this team in place. Not being able to properly staff this team could impact whether or not we can meet for public worship. The top concern not only for the City and State but for our church is making sure we do our part to protect public health. We do not have all the details of all the responsibilities yet but we will come out with that very soon.
2. Greeting Team. We will not be passing out bulletins for the time being. Greeters will maintain social distance, etc. However, the main responsibility for Greeting Team will be to direct traffic flow of people in and out of worship areas, pass out masks (if necessary), and welcome people.
Initial phase (June 21, 2020)
Once we have all the necessary things in place as outlined above, we will then be ready to safely gather for public worship. Until then, we will continue to provide online content and may move towards a video format.
 –  During the initial phase, we will not be having children’s church. Children will remain with their parents during worship.
 –  Additionally, the adult Sunday school class will begin meeting downstairs for those who are interesting in meeting once again.
Secondary Phase
 –  Once we have sufficient teachers and helpers who are prepared to maintain and clean the children’s area, we will resume children’s church during our worship service.
Beyond the Secondary Phase
 –  Determine what that looks like as we move forward.